The Best Egg Tart in San Francisco

The famous Golden Gate Bakery Egg Tart

I’m not sure why I did what I did. I don’t even like egg tarts. But reading about egg tarts, and the fact that I live within walking distance to Chinatown made me decide that today, I will go and find the best egg tarts in San Francisco.

A quick Yelp search revealed that the most famous place for egg tarts in this city is the Golden Gate Bakery. People warned that their hours are erratic.

No kidding. Apparently they’re so successful that they can afford to take random vacations in the middle of the week.

More power to them, I’d say.

Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco - Closed for Vacation

Unfortunately that leaves me egg tart less.

Wa Li Bakery, which according to Yelp, is also known for its egg tarts and it’s only a block away. So I headed over and was welcomed by an array of delicious looking bread, pastries, and cookies.

I ordered an egg tart, trying to ignore the fact that the Chinese lady behind the counter didn’t bother changing her gloves between handling food and money (eeek!).

The second best egg tart in San Francisco?

It was just… ok. The crust was pastry like, which I like. But the filling was just too yolky for my taste. I nibbled the edges and threw the center away.

Of course the next logical step is to go back to Golden Gate Bakery some other time to do a comparison. Until then.

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