The Haight-Ashbury

Known as the birthplace of the flower power, the hippie movement in the 60’s.


The Haigh-Ashbury is known as the birthplace of the flower power, the hippie movement in the 60’s. Janis Japlin and Jim Morrison lived in this area during their heyday. Now a tourist attraction, double decker buses carrying camera touting tourists pass through the Haight frequently.

To live in the Haight you learn to put up with the weekend throngs or simply avoid them altogether by not venturing down to Haight Street. If you can do that, it’s actually a nice neighborhood to live in with rows of authentic and rebuilt Victorian style houses lining the streets, the high concentration of coffeeshops and markets, and its vicinity to the Golden Gate Park.

Even though it’s far from the BART line, there are plenty of MUNI lines: #6, #71, #71L, and #33 all serve this area.

Bars and Restaurants

Most of the bars and restaurants can be found on Haight Street. The Alembic and the Magnolia are notable watering holes, both can be found on Haight Street. This area seems to have a high concentration of Thai restaurants.


The Haight Ashbury district is one of most expensive areas to live in San Francisco. 1 bedroom apartments in the Haight start from $2400/month. More affordable places can be found in Lower Haight as well as the North of the Panhandle (NOPA) with 1 bedroom places going for $2000 and upwards.


People come to the Haight Ashbury to soak up the leftover hippy atmosphere, gawk at the high concentration of head shops in the area, and to see the row of fine Victorian houses that make San Francisco oh-so San Francisco. There’s an Amoeba Record Store – a small chain of the world’s largest independent record store at the end of Haight St towards the Golden Gate Park.

Grocery stores

There’s a Whole Foods at the end of Haight Street. There’s also the Haight Market, a decent sized local grocery store selling good quality vegetables, fruits, and deli foods. Lucky’s is located on Fulton, on the other side of the Panhandle. A big bonus point of living in the Haight is that you can probably walk to do your groceries.

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