Little Known Facts About San Francisco

Are you planning to visit San Francisco soon?

Let’s have some fun. Here are some great little known fun facts about San Francisco you may not have known.

Fun Fact 1: I bet you did not know that San Francisco ranks 4th in the world in terms of the number of billionaires that call it home. The other 3 ranking cities are New York, Moscow, and London. They nick named San Francisco “The City Of Billionaires.”

Fun Fact 2: San Francisco is know for having the largest Chinese community in the world next to China itself.

Fun Fact 3: Did you know the San Francisco Bay is considered the world’s largest land-locked harbor?

Fun Fact 4: I am sure you have your favorite pair of denim jeans right? What I am guessing you did not know is they were invented in San Francisco!

Fun Fact 5: San Francisco houses the Golden Gate bridge. The golden gate bridge is the worlds second largest single span bridge. Did you know that this bride has enough steel wire to circle the earth 3.5 times? Crazy fact!

Fun Fact 6: Have you ever watched discovery channel? Have you seen the amazing sea lions and thought how awesome are these animals. Ever wanted to see them up close and personal? Well on Pier 39 in San Fran you can check out these amazing animals sun bathing!

Fun Fact 7: Ok. Ok. So this one even caught me off guard. First off did you know San Francisco was founded in June 2nd? When it was founded it was originally called Yerba Buena (meaning wild mint) until it was changed in 1848.

Fun Fact 8: Are you a coffee lover? Guess what your beloved coffee shop was first started here. Today San Francisco hoses hundreds of incredible coffee shops.

Fun Fact 9: The gold rush transformed San Francisco from a fishing valley into a city literally overnight.

Fun Fact 10: Did you know in 1848 was when the first chinese immigrants landed in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a great town. Full of culture, amazing views, diverse cultures, and a breath of fresh air. Hopefully these fun little facts will encourage you to want to visit this amazing city soon.

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