San Francisco On A Budget

If you’re considering a move to San Francisco, be aware that San Francisco is considered one of the most expensive cities to live in. As a new resident, the first action item is probably to find an affordable apartment to live in. But whether you’re considering a move to San Francisco or are visiting the city temporarily on a vacation, there are many ways you can watch your budget while in San Francisco, especially when it comes to accommodation and transportation.

Staying in a hostel

One of which is to stay in hostels instead of hotels. If you have never experienced staying in hostel, you will most definitely have many questions in mind on what it is like to stay in a hostel, what the accommodations are like, how much it costs and if there is age limit.

If you haven’t stayed in one, then you probably think hostels to be like cheap dormitories for younger individuals. Although this was true in the past but in the recent years, hostels have started to offer options for people for private rooms. In fact, many hostels today are similar to budget hotels.

People of all ages and walks of life are staying in hostels. Some may have age restrictions so you may want to check before making a reservation. The atmosphere in a hostel varies from one location to another. It may be necessary that you read reviews so you can get details on the specific locations of the hostel. Once you have chosen the right hostel, it will prove to be more fun, exciting and budget friendly than staying in hotels.

House sharing

When we first moved to San Francisco, we used a house sharing service (AirBnB) while looking for an apartment. Sharing a house is better in several ways than staying in a hostel, especially if you’re traveling with a group or as a couple. You can get a private room for $60 – $80 per night. The cost is definitely comparable to getting 2 hostel dorm beds. It also allows you to get a taste of the various neighborhoods of the city while Francisco hostels tend to be concentrated in downtown area.

Public transportation

Many people get by living in San Francisco without a car through a combination of car sharing (see below) and public transportation. There are two main public transportation methods in San Francisco. MUNI is the main way to get around the city. It costs $2 per trip and includes a 75 minute transfer pass. BART, on the other hand, is best for getting around the Bay Area. Getting a Clipper card allows you to put credits that you can use on both BART and MUNI.

Car sharing

Another way to watch your budget while in San Francisco is car sharing. This enables you to use cars which are part of the scheme and along with the other scheme members, the vehicles are distributed and organized through online booking system. Renting cars constantly over the weekends can be a real pain to travelers or vacations with costs that can add up quickly. But when you are a part of car scheme, you can get a car easily the moment you need by booking it simply online.

The cost of car sharing is a fraction of renting private cars. Although you may need to pay a membership monthly, it is prove to be more budget friendly than renting cars. Car sharing is very popular with urban families that don’t own cars.

When staying in San Francisco whether on a vacation or for work, remember that there are some ways you can enjoy your stay without going over budget. Being flexible, planning ahead, and utilizing all the great resources that the city has are the key.

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