San Francisco’s Cable Car Mysterious Fascination

I never really get San Francisco tourists’ fascination with cable cars. Yes, it’s iconic. Yes, it hasn’t changed much from its inception in 1800’s, but I can’t help to wonder: in a city with so many things to do, is the San Francisco’s cable car experience worth a couple of hours of wait?

But who am I to judge – I’ve done my share of waiting in line for questionable tourist traps.

If you have to experience riding the cable car, may I recommend going a couple of blocks up the cable car’s route? It has other stops along the way with a much, much shorter line.

There are 3 cable car routes in San Francisco

Powell-Mason and Powell- Hyde. They both start on Powell/Market turntable and end near Fisherman’s Wharf. But the routes are different and the end points in the Wharf are also different.

California Street line that starts from the Financial District, through Nob Hill and end on Van Ness.

In all honesty, if only it doesn’t cost $6 one way, I might’ve jumped on one of these already. Because… well, it does look sort of fun. And oh, so San Francisco.

How much does San Francisco cable car cost:
$6 one way you can buy the tickets upon boarding from the cable car’s conductor. There’s a daily pass ($13) that allows you board the cable car on/off.
Cable Car Museum
The a cable car museum near Chinatown (1201 Mason Street ) explains the history of this transportation mode. It’s quite worth your time.

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