Inner and Outer Sunset

This area offers the most affordable housing in San Francisco but you pay for that in other ways.

Overview of San Francisco’s Inner and Outer Sunset districts

This area offers the most affordable housing in San Francisco but you pay for that in other ways. Being the closest to the Pacific Ocean the residents of Sunset district (both Inner and Outer Sunset) and Parkside have to put up with heavy fog throughout the year. While the rest of San Francisco is enjoying blue sky and mild weather, it’s always grayer and colder here.

Despite the weather, the residents of the Sunset districts are proud of their neighborhood. Partly because it retains the charm of a small town. This area is largely ignored by tourists and is a good opportunity to see the slower pace of life in San Francisco.

Bars and Restaurants

The restaurants, shops, and banks are congregated along Irving with the biggest concentration located on Irving and 9th. For residents of Outer Sunset, a smaller concentration of shops can be found along Noriega Street between 19th and Sunset.

Notable restaurants

Masala: Indian specialties such as curries, tandoories, and more. 1220 9th Ave.

New Eritrea: Our favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the city. Try the shrimp curry, served on top of large, fluffy, and not too sour dosas. 907 Irving St.

Marnee Thai: Considered one of San Francisco’s best Thai restaurants in 2011 by Many will agree that this is also the best restaurant in the Sunset District. The long line outside the door says it all. 2225 Irving Street

Park Chow: Popular with the breakfast/brunch crowd serving your usual American breakfast dishes. Try the sausage fussili. 1240 9th Ave.

Koo: Looking for your favorite Japanese rolls? Koo is the place to go in the Sunset district. Decent portion size and prices. Not quite authentic, but the fish is always fresh. 408 Irving Street.

The weather

It’s foggy and cold. Much foggier and colder than the rest of the city.


Rent prices for a 1 bedroom apartments here start from $1400. Next to the Tenderloin, this area offers the most affordable housing in San Francisco.


Not much going on in this area since Inner and Outer Sunset are mostly residential. Inner Sunset residents have easy access to Golden Gate Park with its museums, science center, baseball parks, and other attractions. San Francisco Zoo is located in the south of Outer Sunset.

A great view of the Ocean, the Golden Gate Park, and downtown San Francisco can be had by climbing the Golden Gate Heights — Grand View Park and Sunset Heights Park.

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