Super Duper Burger is Pretty Super Indeed

Burgers, fries and milkshakes are as American as it can get. Unfortunately, they’ve gotten a bad rap as obesity causing, mystery meat (pink slime, anyone?) laden, chemical infused grub.

Super Duper Burger is trying, and in my humble opinion, has succeeded in changing that perception. Their slogan, “Fast food burgers, slow food values” means that use artisan ingredients: fresh and local wherever possible, as well as unique add-on options such as avocados and portobello mushrooms.

Let’s start with their beef patty

The 100% vegetarian-fed Niman Ranch beef patty is cooked to medium perfection on the chrome top grill. The patty, layered with sharp cheddar, the secret sauce, and sandwiched in-between artisan buns is delicious from the first bite. Watch out for splatter!
8 oz burger will set you back $$6.50. They also sell the ‘mini’ version, a 4 oz patty for $4.50.

The vegetarian burger is the best in the city

Whoever came out with the idea of putting hummus as part of a vegetarian burger deserves a hug! It’s a much healthier and flavorful alternative than mayo.

Default vegetarian burger at Super Duper comes with hummus, cucumber, and secret sauce. For an extra dollop of protein, add a fried egg or even grilled portobello mushroom slices ($1.50 extra each), and I can guarantee it’s unlike any other veggie burger you’ve ever tasted.

The milkshakes

Super Duper delivers yet again. Not too sweet, and more importantly, thin enough to be drinkable with a straw.

The fries

We think the only area where Super Duper needs improvement is the fries. We thought they were just okay. They came out soggy and greasy. Very disappointing – but not too disappointing enough for us not to finish it. The garlic and cheese fries ($2.75) comes with finely grated sharp cheddar and finely chopped garlic. You can get a set of 3 dipping sauces for an additional $1.

The drinks

Beer and wine are available in addition to milkshakes. You can also have your milkshakes ‘spiked’ with vodka for $1.50.

When visiting San Francisco, do not miss one of their 5 locations in the city. Super Duper Burger is both a California and a San Francisco experience your stomach won’t want to miss.

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