The Mission District

Overview of the Mission District San Francisco

Arguably everybody’s favorite neighborhood the Mission is diverse: grungy on one side, yuppie on the other. It has the most collection of restaurants per block in San Francisco. Being the home of the city’s Hispanic population, the Mission is where everybody heads out to for burritos. As a matter of fact – the Mission is the origin of a popular style of burrito, called “Mission Burrito” or “California burrito” (differentiated from the regular type of burrito by its gigantic size).

Despite the slow but sure gentrification process, some parts of the area is still rough around the edges. These spots can be found along the Mission St itself just one block away from the restaurants and the galleries on Valencia Street.

Bars and Restaurants

Taquerias dot the Mission Disctrict like Starbucks do in the Financial District but other restaurants can be found here as well: Indian, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, and all sorts of fusion style dining options. Plenty of bars and lounges can be found on Valencia Street, most offer tempting happy hours and live music during. You’ll never go hungry or thirsty when you live here. Guaranteed.

The weather

Rumor has it, whenever the rest of San Francisco is covered in fog, cold and miserable, the Mission would be the place where you’re most likely still able to see the sun.


The rent price here is on the medium range at $2400/mo (1 bedroom) reflecting the high demand by renters to live near the city’s gastronomic center. Cheaper options can be found although these will be among the less-desirable areas of the neighborhood.


Other attractions in this area include The Mission Dolores and Mission Dolores Park, the best spot to get an expansive view of downtown San Francisco.

The Mission is also known for the art scene. Plenty of galleries can be found on Valencia Street. It is home to many popular street arts, including the murals of Clarion Alley.

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